Volume XVIII. Numbers 1-2 (2012)

Lifelong Search for Meaning: A Special Double Issue in Honor of Professor Donald E. Morse

Zoltán Abádi-Nagy

Editor’s Notes

Zoltán Abádi-Nagy
A Talk with Donald E. Morse

Huba Brückner
Donald E. Morse: Founding Father of the Fulbright Commission in Hungary

Lehel Vadon
The Publications of Donald E. Morse

Zsolt K. Virágos
“Celtic Oddities”: Patterns of Cracker Culture in the American South


Patrick Parrinder
H. G. Wells’s The Time Machine and Franz Kafka’s “Die Verwandlung”: Variations on the Bug-Eyed Monster

Károly Pintér
The Analogical Alien: Constructing and Construing Extraterrestrial Invasion in Wells’s The War of the Worlds

Kálmán Matolcsy
The Monster-Text: Analogy and Metaphor in Lovecraft

Gary K. Wolfe
Alternate Cosmogologies in American Science Fiction

Vera Benczik
Hero out of Time: Ursula K. Le Guin’s “Dancing to Ganam” as the Subversion of the Quest Narraitve

Neil Easterbrook
The Shamelessly Fictive: Mimesis and Metafantasy

W. A. Senior
Dan Simmons1s Hyperion Cantos: The Fantasy Within


Katalin G. Kállay
Impish Throbbing–Impulses and Imperatives in the Heart of the Story: A Reading of Eudora Welty’s “Death of the Traveling Salesman”

Robert Murray Davis
Utopia and Beyond: Commune Narratives of the 1970s

Katalin Bíróné Nagy
Colón or Colombus?–Historical Stereotypes in Gloria Bird’s “History”

Tibor Frank
A Letter by Joseph Heller (1923-99)


Eniko Bollobás
Circumference & Co.: Catachresis as the Trope of Performativity in Emily Dickinson’s Poetry

Gabriella T. Espák
Precision Poetry by Canonical Cummings: “1×1”

Donald Wesling
UK Poetry after Ezra Pound: Iain Sinclair and J. H. Prynne


Géza Kállay
What Is a (Shakespearean) Source?

David L. Vanderwerken
Boys to Men or Boys to Boys? Biff Loman and Brick Pollitt: Surviving Football in Death of a Salesman and Cat in a Hot Tin Roof

Gabriella Varró
Loyalty to a “Dream Country”: Staging Mythic Territories in Edward Albbe’s The American Dreamand Sam Shepard’s Buried Child

Boróka Prohászka-Rád
The Dead Tell No Tales!? Edward Albee’s Occupant

Lenke Németh
“A Theatrician of the Ethical”: Critical Response to David Mamet’s Plays in Hungary

Ildikó Limpár
A Room with Many Views: The Diorama Room in Tony Kushner’s Angels in America


John Resch
The Revolution as a People’s War: Mobilization in New Hampshire

István Kornél Vida
The “Great Moon Hoax” of 1835

C. W. Sullivan III.
Folklore from Nineteenth-Century Irish Convict Diaries

Zoltán Peterecz
American Foreign Policy and American Financial Controllers in Europe in the 1920s

The 9/11 Roundtable
Moderated by Donald E. Morse

Tibor Glant
Terrorism and Anti-Americanism: 9/11 Ten Years After


Péter Csató
Whose Antimetaphysics Is It Anyway? Richard Rorty’s Pragmatist Interpretations of Jacques Derrida

Robert Adolph
Assaulting “Newton’s Sleep”


István D. Rácz
Larkin and the Movement in Two New Books

István D. Rácz
Identities in Scotland and Beyond