Volume XXII. Number 2 (2016)

Editor’s Notes

Stephen Watt
Outside Mullingar, A Moon for the Misbegotten, and The Night Alive: The Irish Play on the New York Stage

Katarzyna Ojrzyńska
Doctor-Patient Communication and the Contemporary Biopolitics of Disposability in Margaret Edson’s Wit

Joakim Wrethed
The Invisible Apocalyptic City: The Affectivity of Urbanity, Movement, and Desire in William Blake’s “London,” Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis, and Ivan Vladislavić’s The Exploded View

Ewa Mazierska
Representation of Slow Violence in the Films about Collapsed East European State Farms

Anna Petneházi
“Who Can Straighten What He Hath Made Crooked?”: Eugenics and the Camp in GATTACA and The Island

Zsolt Győri
“No specks of blood will land on their clothes, or drip into their buckets of popcorn”: Interview with Mike Hodges

Babett Rubóczki
Queering Perspectives of the Uncanny in Ernest Hemingway’s “Mr. and Mrs. Elliot” and “The Sea Change”

Enikő Bollobás
In Borrowed Words and Through Recycled Attentions: On Charles Bernstein’s Lyric and Elegiac Poetry


Erika Mihálycsa
Beckett Through His Letters

Donald E. Morse
“And all that Jazz,” Gypsies and Jim Crow, too


Angelika Reichmann
Conrad and Wells in Close-up (Linda Dryden,
Joseph Conrad and H. G. Wells: The Fin-de-Siècle Literary Scene)

Mária Kurdi
A Remarkable Variety of Plays of Their Own (Eileen Kearney and Charlotte Headrick, eds.,
Irish Women Dramatists 1908-2001))

Mária Kurdi
Visions and Revisions: Views on Ireland and the Czech Lands from Cross-Cultural Perspectives
(Gerald Power and Ondřej Pilný, eds., Ireland and the Czech Lands: Contacts and Comparisons in History and Culture)

Robert C. Hamilton
A Class Act
(Andrew Lawson, ed., Class and the Making of American Literature: Created Unequal)

Erzsébet Barát
Rape is an Act of Power not Passion
(Kaitlynn Mendes, SlutWalk: Feminism, Activism and Media)

Éva Mathey
An American in Post-World War I Hungary: Jeremiah Smith, Jr. and the Hungarian Financial Reconstruction
(Zoltán Peterecz, Jeremiah Smith, Jr. and Hungary, 1924-1926: the United States, the League of Nations and the Financial Reconstruction of Hungary )

Imola Bülgözdi
Can the Discworld Be Disciplined?
(Anne Hiebert Alton and William C. Spruiell, eds., Discworld and the Disciplines: Critical Approaches to the Terry Pratchett Works)

Fanni Feldmann
New Queer Experience
(Ruby B. Rich, New Queer Cinema: The Director’s Cut)

Éva Pataki
Postcolonial British Genres and Britishness: Challenged and Redefined
(Sarah Ilott, New Postcolonial British Genres: Shifting the Boundaries)

Erika Mikó
A Seminal Interdisciplinary Study on New York Literature
(Catalina Neculai, Urban Space and Late Twentieth-Century New York Literature)


Christopher Murray
Letter to Reviewer Richard Rankin Russell

Richard Rankin Russell
Response to Christopher Murray’s Letter