Volume XXIII. Number 1 (2017)

Editor’s Notes

Christopher Murray
The Plays of Enda Walsh: An Interim Report

Clare Wallace
“. . . ultimately alone and walking around in your own private universe”: Metatheatre and Metaphysics in Three Plays by Enda Walsh

Eamonn Jordan
Lapsed, Augmented, and Eternal Christmases in the Theatre of Conor McPherson

Giovanna Tallone
The Sound and the Fury: Verbal Pre-texts in Vincent Woods’ A Cry from Heaven

Donald E. Morse
“The Very Seeds of Fire”: Chris Lee’s The Mapmaker’s Sorrow

Péter P. Müller
Performing on the Razor’s Edge: The Aesthetics of the Theatre of Martin McDonagh

Ondřej Pilný
“Fun, disturbing and ultimately forgettable”? Notes on the Royal Court Theatre Production of Martin McDonagh’s Hangmen

Rhona Trench
Sensory Data and Performance Practice in Blue Raincoat’s 2015 Production of W. B. Yeats’s On Baile’s Strand (1904)

Edit Bődy
“What stood in the Post Office / With Pearse and Connolly?” Heroism, Timeliness, and Timelessness in Some of Yeats’s Plays

Michal Lachman
J. M. Synge’s Images of Society and Social Critique

Monica Randaccio
The Translation of Contemporary Drama: McCafferty’s Quietly on the Italian Stage

Zsuzsanna Csikai
“Telling my Side of Things”: Tolstoy Novellas into Monologue Drama


Ruth Illingworth
Women in Contemporary Irish Theatre:
Widening the Space
(Miriam Haughton and Mária Kurdi, eds. Radical Contemporary Theatre Practices by Women in Ireland)

István D. Rácz
What Will Survive of Us?
(James Booth. Philip Larkin: Life, Art and Love)

Eszter Edit Balogh
Gendered Readings of the First World War:
A European Overview
(Christa Hämmerle, Oswald Überegger, and Birgitta Bader Zaar, eds. Gender and the First World War)

Anna Petneházi
Never Letting Go: Ways of (Mis)remembering and Forgetting in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Novels
(Wojciech Drąg. Revisiting Loss: Memory, Trauma and Nostalgia in the Novels of Kazuo Ishiguro)

Renáta Zsámba
Crime Fiction Reloaded
(Martin Edwards. The Golden Age of Murder)

György Borus
A New Account of Britain’s Economic Development
(Stephen Broadberry, Bruce M. S. Campbell, Alexander Klein, Mark Overton, and Bas van Leeuwen. British Economic Growth, 1270-1870)