Volume I. Number 1 (1995)

Editorial note

Roger C. Schlobin
Pagan Survival: Why the Shaman in Modern Fantasy?

Péter Szaffkó
Under the Spell of Shakespeare's Histories: English Historical Drama in Criticism from the Renaissance to Irving Ribner

David Heinimann
A/The Fiction of Freud

Péter Egri
Playing Games with Renaissance Art: Leonardo, Duchamp, Dalí, Rauschenberg and Warhol

Tamás Bényei
Ironic Parody or Parodistic Irony? Irony, Parody, Postmodernism and the Novel

Tom Samet
New Critics, New Marxists, New Protocols: Reflections on Recent Theory

Zoltán Abádi-Nagy
Plot vs. Secondary Narrative Structure in Contemporary American Minimalist Fiction

Judit Molnár
Some Observations on the Cultural Situation of the Anglophone Writer in Québec: An Introduction