Volume I. Number 2 (1995)

Gábor Katona
The Lover's Education: Psychic Development in Sidney's "Astrophel and Stella"

Anne Clune
Maria Edgeworth and the Native Irish

John A. Stotesbury
Rudyard Kipling and His Imperial Verse: Critical Dilemmas

Don Gifford
Soldier Poets (1914-1918)

Mária Kurdi
"Did He Seem to You a Child Only--Or an Angel?": The Figure of Archie in James Joyce's Exiles

Nóra Séllei
"The Detached Existence of a Work of Art": Mansfield's The Aloe Versus "Prelude" and Woolf's Theory of Fiction

Donald Morse
"A Blatancy of Untruth": George Orwell's Uses of the Fantastic in Animal Farm

István Rácz
Agnosticism, Masks and Monologues in Philip Larkin

Tamás Bényei
Seduction and the Politics of Reading in The French Lieutenants's Woman

Richard Cave
Pinter At Sixty in the Nineteen-Nineties