Volume III. Number 2 (1997)

British Studies

István D. Rácz, Guest Editor


John L. Flood
Poets Laureate of the Holy Roman Empire

Géza Kállay
"To Die Upon a Kiss": Love and Death as Metaphor in Othello

Tamás Juhász
Witch is Which, Or the Selfsame Words in Macbeth

Iván Nyusztay
On the Threshold of the Tragic: The Teleological Foundations of Greek and Shakespearean Tragedy

Péter Egri
Renaissance and Baroque Conceits: Literature, Painting and Music

András Kiséry
"He to Another Key His Style Doth Dress": Pope's Imitations of Donne

Dóra Csikós
"Urizen Who Was Faith and Certainty is Changed to Doubt": The Changing Portrayal of Urizen

Don Gifford
The Chip on His Shoulder: One for the Joyce Centennial - 2 May 1982

Donald E. Morse
"All Your Life After That Again": James Joyce and the Creation of a New Literary Language

Nóra Séllei
The Snail and The Times: Three Stories "Dancing in Unity"

Tamás Bényei
Risking the Text: Stories of Love in Jeanette Winterson's The Passion

Attila Bárány
The Participation of the English Aristocracy in the First Phase of the Hundred Years' War, 1337-1360

György Borus
Lord Brute, the Royal Favourite


Aladár Sarbu
Honouring Don Gifford

Enikö Bollobás
"Gold-Diggers Welcome": Recent Hungarian Publications on Literary Theory

István D. Rácz
Will Readings Grow Erratic?