Volume V. Number 2 (1999)

Special Issue in Honour of Brian Friel at 70


Honor O'Connor
Divining Stories: Underground Water in the Short Stories of Brian Friel

Giovanna Tallone
Restless Wanderers and Great Pretenders: Brian Friel's Fox Melarkey and Frank Hardy

Michael Parker
Forms of Redress: Structure and Characterization in Brian Friel's The Freedom of the City

Gerald FitzGibbon
Interpreting Between Privacies: Brian Friel and the Boundaries of Language

Christopher Murray
Palimpsest: Two Languages as One in Brian Friel's Translations

Márton Mesterházi
The Hungarian Translator's View of Brian Friel's Translations and the Problems in Translating it into Hungarian

Richard Allen Cave
Questing for Ritual and Ceremony in a Godforsaken World: Dancing at Lughnasa and Wonderful Tennessee

Csilla Bertha and Donald E. Morse
Singing of Human Unsuccess: The Artist in Brian Friel's Give Me Your Answer, Do!

Ruth Neil
Disability as Motif and Meaning in Friel's Drama

Joseph Swann
Theology as Cultural Parameter: Sign and Meaning in Four Contemporary Irish Poets

Philip Tew
The Lexicon of Youth in Mac Laverty, Bolger, and Doyle: Theorizing Contemporary Irish Fiction via Lefebvre's Tenth Prelude

Deborah Cottreau
Matriarchy Ascending: The Feminist Mytho-Poetics of Anne Devlin's After Easter

Mária Kurdi
New Strangers in the House? Immigrants and Natives in Donal O'Kelly's Asylum! Asylum! and John Barrett's Borrowed Robes


Friel, Brian. Molly Sweeney - Leben ein Tanz - Zwischen allen Sprachen - Antworte mir
by Jochen Achilles

Kurdi, Mária. Nemzeti önszemlélet a mai ír drámában. 1960-1990. [National Self-portrait in Contemporary Irish Drama. 1960-1990.]
by Péter Egri

Responding with Deeds: The 1996 Irish Drama Issue of the Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies 2.2 (1996)
by Ondrej Pilný

Robert Tracy. The Unappeasable Host
by Marie Arndt

Fallon, Brian. An Age of Innocence: Irish Culture 1930-1960 and Smyth, Gerry. Decolonisation and Criticism
by Marie Arndt

Mishkin, Tracy, ed. Literary Influence and African-American Writers: Collected Essays
by Ágnes Surányi

Senn, Fritz. Inductive Scrutinies: Focus on Joyce
by Marianna Gula

Hurtley, Jacqueline, Rosa González, Inés Praga, and Esther Aliga. Ireland in Writing: Interviews with Writers and Academics
by Mária Kurdi

MacKenna, Dolores. William Trevor: The Writer and His Work
by Virginia Mack