Volume VI. Number 1 (2000)


Kevin Alexander Boon
Episteme-ology of Science Fiction

Tamás Bényei
Leakings: Reappropriating Science Fiction-the Case of Kurt Vonnegut

Amy Novak
Virtual Poltergeists and Memory: The Question of Ahistoricism in William Gibson's Neuromancer (1984)

Usch Kiausch
Orchids in a Cage: Political Myths and Social Reality in East German Science Fiction (1949-1989)

Éva Federmayer
Octavia Butler's Maternal Cyborgs: The Black Female World of the Xenogenesis Trilogy

Nicholas Ruddick
The Search for a Quantum Ethics: Michael Frayn's Copenhagen and Other Recent British Science Plays

Brian Attebery
Cultural Negotiation in Science Fiction Literature and Film

Andy Sawyer
Narrativium and Lies-to-Children: "Palatable Instruction" in The Science of Discworld


Donald E. Morse
When the Hungarian Literary Theorist, György Lukács Met the American Science Fiction Writer, Wayne Mark Chapman
Rev. of Anikó Sohár, The Cultural Transfer of Science Fiction and Fantasy in Hungary 1989-1995


Easthope, Antony. The Unconscious
by Boglárka Kovács

Loomba, Ania. Colonialism/Postcolonialism
by Ágnes Györke

Stam, Robert. Film Theory: An Introduction
by Márta Körösi

Gelder, Ken, ed. The Horror Reader
by Ted Bailey

Hume, Kathryn. American Dream, American Nightmare: Fiction since 1960
by Ádám Molnár

Blom, Mattias Bolkéus. Stories of Old: The Imagined West and the Crisis of Historical Symbology in the 1970s
by Boglárka Kiss

Herzogenrath, Bernd. An Art of Desire: Reading Paul Auster
by Balázs Szabó

Howells, Coral Ann. Alice Munro
by Andrea Szabó