Volume VI. Number 2 (2000)

Changing Picture Settings



Mark David Hall
Emma Willard on the Political Position of Women

Gillian A. M. Mitchell
"A Path to Life" or "A Way of Life": The Contrasting Approaches of Emerson and Thoreau to the Natural World

János Kenyeres
An Investigation into T. S. Eliot's "Impossibly Fertile Paternity": Northrop Frye

Ruthann Knechel Johansen
Seeing Through the Landscape: Flannery O'Connor's Narrative Strategies

Roland Végsö
Flannery O'Connor and the Politics of Realism: Reading the "The Artificial Nigger"

Donald E. Morse
Sylvia Plath and the Trope of Vulnerability

Péter Csató
Tangled Hierarchies: Postmodernist Fiction vs. Deconstruction?

Mark Pettus
Terminal Simulation: "Revolution" in Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club

Fred Erisman
Clint Eastwood's Western Films and the Evolving Mythic Hero


Noel Elizabeth Currie
From Walpole to the New World: Legitimation and the Gothic in Richardson's Wacousta

Bridget M. Marshall
The Face of Evil: Phrenology, Physiognomy, and the Gothic Villain

Debbie Joyce Chung
"Such blood, such power": The Lot Complex in Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire

Edina Szalay
Gothic Fantasy and Female Bildung in Four North-American Women Novels


Enikö Bollobás
Whether in Pennsylvania or Transylvania, "We Have Been United Concerning the Separation": On the Common Roots and Different Fates of Amish and Habán Anabaptism

Tibor Frank
"For the Information of the President": The US Government Surveillance of Austro-Hungarian Emigration (1891-1907)

N. F. Dreisziger
Rose-gardens on Ice-floes: A Century of the Hungarian Diaspora in Canada

Dorottya Sziszkoszné Halász
The United States and the Joel Brand Mission: Help or Hindrance?



Szönyi, György Endre. Exaltatio és hatalom. Keresztény mágia és okkult szimbolizmus egy keresztény mágus müveiben [Exaltatio and Power: Christian Magic and Occult Symbolism in the Work of an English Magus]
by András Kiséry


Vadon, Lehel. Az amerikai irodalom és irodalomtudomány bibliográfiája a magyar idöszaki kiadványokban 1990-ig
by Zoltán Abádi-Nagy

Fuller, David, and Patricia Waugh, eds. The Arts and Sciences of Criticism
by Zoltán Abádi-Nagy

Walker, Nancy. What's So Funny? Humor in American Culture
by Donald E. Morse

Corber, Robert J. Homosexuality in Cold War America: Resistance and the Crisis of Masculinity
by Krisztina Dankó

Reynolds, Guy. Twentieth Century American Women's Fiction: A Critical Introduction
by Zoltán Abádi-Nagy

Muller, Gilbert H. New Strangers in Paradise: The Immigrant Experience and Contemporary American Fiction
by Zoltán Abádi-Nagy

Obenzinger, Hilton. American Palestine: Melville, Twain, and the Holy Land Mania
by Gabriella Vöö

Grabher, Gudrun, Roland Hagenbluchle, and Cristanne Miller, eds. The Emily Dickinson Handbook
by Edina Szalay

Huber, Werner, and Martin Middeke, eds. Anthropological Perspectives. Contemporary Drama in English
by Mária Kurdi

Gilderhus, Mark T. The Second Century: U.S.-Latin American Relations Since 1889
by Tibor Glant