Volume IX. Number 1 (2003)

Femininity and Subjectivity


John Drew
The Poem Behind the Door

Judit Friedrich
Women: Strangers in Broad Daylight

Maria Proitsaki
Modes of Seeing: Consolidation of Hierarchies of Difference in John Banville's The Book of Evidence and Rita Dove's "Agosta the Winged Man and Rasha the Black Dove"

Ildikó Limpár
Shakespeare's Miranda: Angelic or Demonic?

Andriy Ivanchenko
Conversational Strategies and Ideology Construction in Caryl Churchill's Three More Sleepless Nights, Act 1.

Sibylle Drack
Contesting Gendered Discourse: Gender, Dialogue, and Narration in Charlotte Brontë's Shirley

Rachel Sarsfield
Cassandra's Worms: Unravelling the Threads of Virginia Woolf's Lepidoptera Imagery

Enikö Bollobás
Woman in The Text, Woman's Text, Woman as Text: On Possible Constructions of Female Subjectivity

Nóra Séllei
An (Auto)biography of Gertrice/Altrude-"Ada" by Gertrude Stein

Karen Atherton
Staging the Self: Gender, Difference, and Performance in Jean Rhys's Voyage in the Dark

Richard J. Lane
Performing Gender: First Nations, Feminism, and Trickster Writing in Eden Robinson's Monkey Beach

Edina Szalay
Quilting Her Story: The Resisting Female Subject in Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace

Anna Kérchy
The Woman 69 Times: Cindy Sherman's Untitled Film Stills


Salih, Sarah. Judith Butler
by Annamária Csatári

Smyth, Gerry. Space and the Irish Cultural Imagination
by Gergely Kovács

Lojek, Helen, ed. The Theatre of Frank McGuinness: Stages of Mutability
by Mária Kurdi

Dubbini, Renzo. Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe
by Gabriella Moise

Low, Setha M., and Denise Lawrence-Zúniga, eds. The Anthropology of Space and Place: Locating Culture
by Péter Szabó

Mihesuah, Devon A. Indigenous American Women: Decolonization, Empowerment, Activism
by Katalin Bíróné Nagy

Cobley, Paul. Narrative
by Károly Rózsa

Lane, Richard, ed. Beckett and Philosophy
Judit Ildikó Szabó

Fabiny, Tibor, ed. "What, Then, is Time?" Responses in English and American Literature
by Tamás Tukacs