Volume XI. Number 1 (2005)

The Voices of the English Renaissance


Nicoletta Caputo
"Which Play Was of a King How He Should Rule His Realm": Tudor Interludes Advising the Ruler

A. J. Piesse
Conventional Voices and the Limits of Language in John Heywood's A Play of Love

András Kiséry
Voice, Inscription, and Immortality in Early Seventeenth-Century English Poetry

Matthew Candelaria
The Voices of Objects in Orlando Furioso and The Faerie Queene

György E. Szonyi
Cross-Dressing the Tongue: Petrarchist Discourse and Female Voice in Queen Elizabeth's Sonetto

Sabine Schülting
"Indianized with the Intoxicating Filthie Fumes of Tobacco": English Encounters with the "Indian Weed"

Mike Pincombe
His Master's Voice: The Conjuring of Emperors in Doctor Faustus and Its Sources in the German Tradition

Iván Nyusztay
The "Piece of Work" and the "Quintessence of Dust": The Elevation and Depreciation of Man in the Renaissance

Csilla Kelemen
Images of Passion, Rape, and Grief: A Comparative Analysis of Shakespeare's Rape of Lucrece and Titus Andronicus

Géza Kállay
The Casket, the Ring, and the Bond: Semantic Strategies in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice

Tibor Fabiny
The Ear as a Metaphor: Aural Imagery in Shakespeare's Great Tragedies and Its Relation to Music and Time in Cymbeline and Pericles

Gabriella T. Giorno
The Reflected Tempest and Prospero's "Calling Word"


Márta Minier
An Interview with István Eörsi about Translation


István D. Rácz
Larkin and His Subversive Self: Philip Larkin: Subversive Writer


András Kiséry
Peter Beal, In Praise of Scribes: Manuscripts and Their Makers in Seventeenth-Century England

Katalin Tabi
Katalin Demcsák, and Attila Kiss, eds. Színház-szemiográfia: Az angol és olasz reneszánsz dráma és színház ikonográfiája és szemiotikája [Theatre-semiography: The Iconography and Semiotics of English and Italian Drama and Theatre]

Márta Minier
Zdenek Stríbrny, Shakespeare and Eastern Europe

Miklós Péti
Stanley Fish, How Milton Works

Krisztina Timár
Samantha Matthews, Poetical Remains. Poets' Graves, Bodies, and Books in the Nineteenth Century

Zsuzsanna Koós
John Thieme, Postcolonial Con-texts: Writing Back to the Canon. Literature, Culture and Identity

Boróka Prohászka Rád
David Wiles, A Short History of Western Performance Space

Csaba Molnár
Martha Bartter, The Utopian Fantastic: Selected Essays from the Twentieth International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts

Ferenc Zoltán Simó
Donald E. Palumbo, Chaos Theory, Asimov's Foundations and Robots, and Herbert's Dune